Welcome to the website of Albelt Kft!

Our company was established in 1996, and for today it has become the key member of the drive engineering market in Hungary.

Our main products are the following:

  • transmission belts,
  • conveyor belts 
  • hinged plastic and metal conveyor belts,
  • wire mesh conveyor belts,
  • round rubber belts,
  • Polyurethane rubber belts/PVC drive belts, food industry conveyor belts,
  • teflon straps, teflon plates, teflon fabrics,
  • needle loom conveyor belt

Production, manufacture, final compound, coating and perforation of the above mentioned products.

Further products:

  • toothed belts
  • gears, bevel gears, gear racks
  • fan belts
  • variator belt, variator pulley
  • ribbed belts
  • clutches
  • treadmill belts
  • conveyor rollers, drum motors
  • gear unit, spur gear unit
  • conveyor parts, machine feets, deflector rollers
  • roller chains, connecting links, half links
  • tubes for almost all areas of the industry

Our services:

  • planning and implementation of conveyor systems inside the factory,
  • splicing of conveyor belts on spot
  • perforation of conveyor belts
  • coating of conveyor belts (with neoprene, linatex material, CCF, OCF sponge)
  • repair and installation of conveyor belts
  • drum / roll coating
  • 24 hours service duty for our customers

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